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Athlete Services

Face to face coaching to help you #gofaster

Aerodynamic Testing

Solo 2 hour session - £190
Paired 2 hour session - £160

Aero is everything! If you want to #gofaster in your next time trial or triathlon bike leg, we can guide you through aerodynamic testing on a closed road circuit to optimise your position and equipment choices. Unlike wind tunnel testing, our test protocol ensures we only work with positions you can hold in the real world.

- Two hours of testing at a closed road circuit including track familiarisation and around 8 test runs.

- Personal report with estimated drag (CdA) for each test and recommendations for training and racing.

- Calculated drag (CdA) for each test

- Estimated changes to your speed and race times.

20211024- National Vet Closed Circuit Croft_-75-(ZF-4375-95206-1-001)_edited.jpg

Swim Video Analysis

£70 for one hour
£180 (£60 per hour) booked in a block of 3

Individual feedback on your swim stroke in a stunning endless pool in the heart of the Pennines!

We'll record your stroke above and below the water and review the video with you. You'll receive an edited video of your session along with personal recommendations to address your specific swim development.

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